Air Source Heat Pumps

PowerSafe is proud represent GTS Inc, AHSP – Air Source Heat Pumps in Canada. Stand-By Diesel Generators require optimum jacket water temperature to ensure generator set starting times are able to meet site requirements for rapid starting in the event of a power outage. Typical Jacket Water Heaters will have a parasitic energy cost from a utility fed station service, the associated costs can be significant based on local utility kWH rates. By utilizing the patented process, Geo-Thermal Systems®, Inc. (GTS) Heat Pump is the most efficient way to heat emergency diesel generators sets.

The GTS Inc. Air Source Heat Pump is a patented process that is proven to reduce Standby Generator Set jacket water heater energy usage by up to 84%. Heat pump technology takes available heat out of the air and transfers it efficiently to the engine coolant system without requiring the creation of “new” heat, versus traditional Jacket Water Heater (resistance heaters) which have to create heat to warm the generator set to ensure it is ready for operation when required.


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