Employee Health And Safety

PowerSafe is committed to continual improvement and will comply with all government legislation and other applicable requirements in all aspects of our environment, health and safety. We will dedicate the necessary resources to implement our Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Policy.

Our commitment will be achieved by implementing and maintaining an effective EH&S management system. Objectives and targets will be set and progress will be tracked. Our intention is to promote a culture where each manager, supervisor and worker is involved, accountable and responsible form in minimizing and controlling EH&S risks and impacts. We will keep our employees informed and equip them with the necessary training and tools to meet our objectives.

“The most basic responsibility we have is to health and safety. All of us are responsible for our own safety and to assist in the protection of our colleagues and the environment. PowerSafe’s goal is to ensure that everyone goes home uninjured and safely at the end of every work day. Nothing is more important.”

Tony Heir, President