At PowerSafe we believe that for us to be a successful member of the community we must demonstrate through our Core Values the we are an organization dedicated to creating a work environment for our employees and our customers that ensure sustainable and profitable growth both financially and socially.

PowerSafe's Core Values are:


Maintain the highest standards with customers, team members, stakeholders and our communities. We value and reward open and honest dialogue, and are accountable for our conduct and our decisions.

Leadership and Accountability

Everyone on the PowerSafe team contributes to our success and should: Own the experience, take and mitigate prudent risks, lead by example, know our customers and consider our customers, stakeholders, team members and community needs when making decisions. And most of all care about each other.

Superior Customer Experience

Keep the customer at the forefront of all our actions, exceed the expectations of all internal and external customers, we shall endeavor to do what is right for the customer. Focus on building long term relationships with our customer and treat them with respect and care.