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Infrared Thermography
(IR Scanning)

Infrared Scanning is a predictive maintenance tool for detecting heat and potential problems in operational equipment. PowerSafe has Level I and II Infrared Training Center (ITC) Certified Thermographers utilizing state of the art FLIR Infrared technology to perform IR Scanning services on your plant and equipment.

IR Scanning allows us to look for hot spots on electrical systems indicating initial signs of danger. By having PowerSafe perform IR Scanning our clients can significantly reduce risk of injury and increase safety for their facility electrical system.

PowerSafe is also accepted by the Insurance Industry as a key service provider.

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Maintenance requirements are typically part of a facility plan or could be required by an insurance company or the electric supply authority.

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Power System Commissioning and Start up

PowerSafe performs independent third-party commissioning and acceptance testing on electrical equipment installations including MV Substations, LV distribution, Transformers (Dry and Liquid Filled).

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Transformer Service

Transformer servicing is a preventive maintenance practice that can diagnose problems before they become major issues and can reduce the instance of catastrophic failure.

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Ground System Testing

To ensure the proper functioning of ground sensitive equipment as well as for the safety of workers and the public, PowerSafe offers comprehensive ground system testing to ensure the safety of workers and the public.

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Power Cable Testing

PowerSafe performs cable inspections and testing to IEEE and NETA standards on cable systems rated up to 36kV.

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Battery Bank Testing

Battery banks require preventive maintenance (PM) on a periodic basis to optimize their performance and life, and also to comply with manufacture warranties and other regulatory requirements.

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Protection Relay Testing

PowerSafe provides field technicians and engineers to provide testing, commissioning and maintenance services for protective relay devices, auxiliary control equipment and SCADA systems for all major manufactures.

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SF6 Filling and Recovery

Gas insulated switchgear utilizes an insulating gas between each phase and ground to minimize the overall physical size of the installed equipment.

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Equipment Repairs and Upgrades

As facilities age and expand the need to upgrade or replace equipment becomes a necessity.

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