Testing and Commissioning

Testing and Commissioning

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance, Pre-Energization or Pre-Commissioning Testing are terms used interchangeably and generally refer to the inspections and tests performed after installation and before first energization of electrical equipment. The test and inspection requirements are performed in accordance with project, manufacture and/or other specifications such as NETA or IEEE to determine if electrical equipment and systems operate and are installed in accordance with the requirements of the project specification. PowerSafe is a professional testing organization that works with end-users, manufactures and engineering consultants to deliver a complete package of Acceptance testing services for electrical power systems ranging from low voltage distribution to high voltage transmission systems.

Commissioning and Start-up

The Commissioning and Start-up phase of a new electrical installation project involves a systematic process to verify correct operation of equipment and systems, assuring they operate as intended and are reliable to provide continuous safe operation. All projects require development of a unique commissioning plan that lists the specific steps and inspections necessary to assure the installed equipment and systems meet the design, specification and operational requirements. PowerSafe is a professional Electrical Commissioning service provider with experience to help project teams develop commissioning plans and deliver the field expertise to document and perform the final inspections and tests on power equipment and related systems.

Preventive Maintenance

Electrical equipment naturally degrades over time, but with proper maintenance, problems may be identified and repaired before equipment failure occurs. The impact of an electrical failure can range from minimal to major and can have significant financial consequences because of downtime, loss of productivity, and restoration costs. Preventive Planned Maintenance services from PowerSafe includes the evaluation of the condition of your equipment and determines the most cost-effective and manageable solution to ensure its overall performance, safety and reliability.