Power Generation System Design and Project Management

Power Generation System Design and Project Management

PowerSafe has the experience and team to assist our customers with detailed design and specification of your Diesel or Gas Generator Set and related installation and or enclosure design. Our team of engineers are capable of providing base level generator and ancillary design and drawings as well as custom drawings and site installation support for your Project needs.

PowerSafe’s Turnkey Solutions combine Consulting, Strategic Planning, Engineering and Project Management to determine the scope of work, balance of plant, and provide customers with a power solution specifically suited to their individual needs. Available Turnkeys incorporate new or used equipment, come available in multiple fuel types, are composed of varying equipment models, and are available from 2.5MW to 25MW.

Turnkey Solutions offer customers the ability to benefit from both economies of scale of resource allocation and the efficiency of a single point of contact.


The Consulting Services provided combine PowerSafe’s specific business knowledge in planning and installing power generation equipment. Segmented by industry and application, PowerSafe’s consulting services include strategic planning, project development, project costing, balance of plant planning and project management.

Project Management

PowerSafe is able to provide Project Management from acquisition to Start-up and Commissioning for your Power Generation needs. This full-service involvement allows for a single point of contact for information that is defined by the customer and scalable to meet the individual needs of the project. PowerSafe’s experienced Project Managers interact with the operation’s principals, monitoring time, cost, and status to ensure the project meets its technical requirements and delivery schedule.

Engineering Solutions

PowerSafe offers our customers comprehensive engineering plans, design, and implementation solutions. All engineering services, from initial planning, to modification of existing plans are available to PowerSafe’s customers. The services provide clients access to additional resources without the need to engage multiple third-parties and engineering firms to complete initial project designs or modify plans in the future.