PowerSafe is proud to represent DieselPure fuel filtration technology in Western Canada from BC to Saskatchewan. DieselPure is a fuel filtration product that has been engineered to remove emulsified water from Diesel in most any application. With Diesel fuel composition changing from LSD (Low Sulphur Diesel) 500ppm Sulphur to ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel) 15ppm Sulphur, and the subsequent use of Bio-Diesel in Generator Set Applications, we have seen a significant decrease in system reliability with the fuel systems and an increase in corrosion in UST’s (Underground Storage Tanks). This problem has been relatively silent, but as time has passed since the introduction of unreported Bio-Diesel (5% or less does not need to be reported to the purchaser) we are seeing significant increases in Corrosion in the Fuel System that includes the UST and the Generators themselves.

DieselPure has developed technology to filter the fuel such the that the emulsified water is removed to the SAE J1488 ver. 201010 Standard which is recognized by NFPA110 and the US EPA to remove emulsified water at a 100% efficiency.

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