Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers

Low and Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers (208V – 36kV)

Power circuit breakers provide an important function to control flow of electricity and to interrupt fault current when called upon. PowerSafe installs, maintains, tests, overhauls and upgrades power circuit breakers. Typical inspections and tests performed on power circuit breakers include inspection, cleaning and lubrication of mechanical components, contact resistance testing, testing of solid state overcurrent protection devices via secondary or primary current injection, insulation test, timing test and any other manufacturer specific requirements. PowerSafe provides a one service solution for the maintenance, testing, upgrade, retrofit and replacement of your existing circuit breakers.

High Voltage Circuit Breakers (60 – 500kV)

Most high voltage (HV) breakers installed today are of the SF6 type, are highly mechanical devices that perform the function to open and close the breaker current carrying contacts. Current interrupter design has become more simple and reliable compared with past predecessors but the mechanical operators remain very much the same concept and designs used in previous generations. Most HV breaker failures result from mechanical failures related to the operating mechanism. PowerSafe takes an experienced approach to inspection and testing of high voltage circuit breakers by performing inspections and tests on the entire breaker system, both mechanical and electrical components.

Some of the tests PowerSafe will perform on HV breakers include: contact timing and travel analysis to measure contact operating time and speed, close and open coil minimum voltage operations to identify latch lubrication problems, SF6 gas analysis on site to assess gas quality, contact resistance measurement to verify resistance is within recommended range, power factor and capacitance measurements to test grading capacitors and breaker insulation components, measurement of mechanical component performance such as close and trip dampers, and measurement of arcing contact length via dynamic contact resistance.

PowerSafe is geared to assist owners and manufactures with warranty repair claims, SF6 filling and reclaiming, resealing or repair due to gas leaks or age, field upgrades and overhauls, installation supervision, testing and commissioning services, or to work with owners to train their staff in the maintenance and operation of their high voltage breaker equipment.