Capilano Raw Power Pump Station – Dual Ade Switchgear

Project Name



Metro Vancouver – Cullen Diesel

PowerSafe’s Scope of work

Dual Ade 15 Cell Arc Resistant Type 2C 15kV Switchgear with accessories:

  • Ground fault protection system
  • Complete control system including generator paralleling controls and system Integration
  • MCC/VFD’s
  • Site Acceptance test and startup/commissioning
Project Overview

Metro Vancouver’s drinking water comes from reservoirs in three watersheds – Capilano, Seymour and Coquitlam. The Seymour-Capilano Filtration Plant (SCFP) treats water from both the Seymour and Capilano sources.

The plant is located in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, and is the largest water fi ltration plant in Canada. It began distributing water to the residents of Metro Vancouver in December 2009, and has the capacity to produce up to 1.8 billion liters per day.

The primary objective of the fi ltration plant is the removal of particulates, organic matter and micro-organisms that are naturally present in the source water. This ensures a safe and high quality of drinking water that exceeds the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.