About Us

PowerSafe Energy has over 60 years of experience providing power generation and power distribution equipment to the international marketplace. Our organization is specifically, but not limited to operating in these sectors:

  • Used Equipment: PowerSafe buys and sells used electric power equipment worldwide such as reciprocating generators, turbines, transformers to name a few. Click here for more details.
  • Exclusive Product Agency: PowerSafe is the Exclusive Agent for multiple manufactures in the Canadian Region for Electric Power Distribution Products. Click here for more details.

Our Values

At PowerSafe we believe that for us to be a successful member of the community we must demonstrate through our Core Values the we are an organization dedicated to creating a work environment for our employees and our customers that ensure sustainable and profitable growth both financially and socially.


Leadership and Accountability

Superior Customer Experience

Code of Conduct

At PowerSafe we are committed to upholding high ethical standards in the conduct of our business. The purpose of our code of conduct is to specify the basic norms of behaviour expected of our employees and directors. We have high expectations because we value our reputation for fair dealing and integrity. This reputation reflects personally on all of us associated with PowerSafe and consequently there is not just an obligation but also a strong element of self-interest in ensuring we preserve and enhance our conduct as times change.

Mission Statement

Guided by our core values of ethics, leadership & accountability and creating a superior customer experience, we will constantly strive to achieve our vision of profitable growth both financially and socially in the community within which we operate.

Our focused growth will be achieved through relentless execution and a persistent drive to succeed.

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One of Top New Growth Companies as per Canadian Business 2020, PowerSafe Energy Services is a trusted consultative equipment and service provider committed to ensuring the safety, performance, and compliance of electrical distribution systems with a track record of long-term partnerships and excellence in customer experience.