Mosebach Loadbanks

PowerSafe is extremely excited to represent Mosebach Loadbanks in Western Canada from Manitoba to British Columbia. Mosebach has been manufacturing Loadbanks since the 1990’s and is recognized as an industry leader in AC and DC Loadbanks, both mobile and permanent mount applications. Mosebach is well positioned to provide specialty or custom load banks for any bespoke application. With Loadbanks ranging from 30kW to 6000kW and voltages from 240 volt to 13.8kV are available in Resistive, Reactive and Resistive / Reactive configurations.

Mosebach, has a large product line to offer. Should you be looking for a generator loading system, Mosebach is able to provide a product that meets your needs. For Data Centers, Mosebach has developed the Data Center Server Rack load bank. Mosebach has the MURC Controller, which allows for multi unit remote controller software that allows for controlling 10, 20 or even 500 units ganged together. With the software operated on your laptop (or desktop) for ease of use.

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