Service Sales

PowerSafe Rentals Terms and Conditions.

1. RENT: Customer shall pay PowerSafe Rentals each month during the rental period the monthly rent. If Equipment is returned before the end of the month, customer will be invoiced upon the return of the Equipment. Rental fee shall be due 30 days after the date of PowerSafe Rentals invoice therefore. PowerSafe Rentals has a minimum rental fee of $30.00 for rentals invoiced. Upon any default, PowerSafe Rentals shall have the right to terminate this agreement, take immediate possession of the Equipment and recover from the Customer in any action to enforce PowerSafe Rentals rights hereunder, all amounts due hereunder plus interest, together with PowerSafe Rentals costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.

2. RENTAL PERIOD: Equipment is rented on an open bases and may be returned at any time unless otherwise stated, which rental period shall commence on the date the equipment is shipped to Customer (Start Rent Date), which date PowerSafe Rentals is authorized to fill upon shipment. The terms shall automatically be extended upon all the terms and conditions hereof until the date the Equipment is returned to the possession of PowerSafe Rentals.

3. SHIPPING, INSTALLATION & RETURN: All Equipment is provided from PowerSafe Rentals inventory center. Shipping will be made as specified by Customer and at Customers expense and Customer shall reimburse PowerSafe Rentals for any shipping expenses incurred by PowerSafe Rentals. The Customer assumes and shall be fully responsible for any loss of, or damage to, the rented equipment, from any cause whatsoever. Unless Customer notifies to the contrary within 72hours after receipt of any item of Equipment, it shall be conclusively presumed that the item of Equipment was delivered to the Customer in good operating condition. Customer shall return Equipment in good operating condition to PowerSafe Rentals by prepaid insured shipment to a PowerSafe Rentals Inventory Center. Unauthorized collect shipments returned to PowerSafe Rentals shall be billed to customer at a factor of 1.25.

4. WARRANTY: PowerSafe Rentals sole and exclusive warranty is that each item of Equipment, when delivered to Customer, will be in good operating condition. Customers damages for any breach by PowerSafe Rentals of such warranty with respect to an item of Equipment shall be limited to the direct damages caused by a defective operating condition which could not reasonably have been discovered by Customer after the delivery to it of such item, but in no event shall damages exceed the total monthly rental fee paid by the Customer for such item. The foregoing warranty and damages for breach thereof are the exclusive warranty and damages and are in lieu of any oral representation and all other warranties and damages, whether implied or stationary. PowerSafe Rentals does not warrant the merchantability of the Equipment nor its fitness or suitability for any particular purpose or use. To be clear PowerSafe does not accept any consequential damages for the non performance of the equipment rented.

5. OWNERSHIP; USE: The Equipment shall remain the property of PowerSafe Rentals and is provided to Customer solely on a rental bases. Customer shall not sublease, rent, transfer, assign, sell, alter, modify, or encumber any item of Equipment without prior written consent.

6. SERVICE: In the event an item of Equipment does not operate properly Customer shall notify PowerSafe Rentals and request instruction before taking any remedial action or before returning it to PowerSafe Rentals. In the event that any item of Equipment requires repair or re-calibration as a result of accident or Customer unauthorized tampering or repair of negligence, misuse, or abuse of such items, Customer shall bear the entire cost thereof, including any shipping cost.

7. SAFEKEEPING: Customer is responsible for the safekeeping of all the Equipment and shall bear the risk of any loss, theft, damage or destruction of the Equipment and shall insure each item against such risk or loss for not less than the replacement value of each item and if requested by PowerSafe Rentals shall provide evidence of such insurance. At PowerSafe Rentals option, Customer shall either replace or pay the replacement cost of any item which is lost, stolen, destroyed upon repair. Until an item has been repaired, replaced or the replacement cost has been paid by Customer, the rental period shall continue and the Customer shall continue to pay the monthly rental fee with respect thereto. Any item or non-expendable material not returned to PowerSafe Rentals will be charged to Customer at full replacement cost. All Equipment shall be delivered to Customer with ownership labels, calibration seals and anti-tamper notice affixed. Customer shall not permit such seals or notices to be removed of defaced, and if such seals or notices are removed or defaced, Customer shall pay a reasonable calibration or refurbishing fee.

8. SECURITY INTEREST: Customer hereby grants PowerSafe Rentals a security interest in the Equipment to secure the interest of PowerSafe Rentals in this agreement the payments due hereunder and the Equipment and agrees to provide PowerSafe Rentals with such documents, including financing statements, as are necessary to perfect or record the security interest.

9. SOFTWARE: If any software is supplied with the rented equipment, title to all such software (including programs and documentation) shall be retained by the software developer or by PowerSafe Rentals, and shall not be transferred to Customer. Customer is supplied the use of such software only for the rental term. Such software shall be used only on the specific equipment with which it is rented, and shall consist either of copying any portion of the program from storage units or media into the CPU, or the processing of data with the program, or both. Customer shall comply in all respects with any restrictions set forth in the program license agreement, accompanying copyright notice, or other documentation on the use of such software. Customer shall not copy or duplicate, or permit anyone else to copy or duplicate, in any manner, any printed ,physical or magnetic version of any software provided hereunder. Upon expiration or termination of rental term, Customer shall return to PowerSafe Rentals the original supplied software and all printed materials supplied by PowerSafe Rentals with such software. No licenses or rights of any kind are granted to Customer, except as may be set forth herein or in application manufacturer’s software or program agreement.

10. MISCELLANEOUS: The terms hereof set forth the entire agreement between PowerSafe Rentals and Customer with respect to the Equipment, and shall not be amended except in writing signed by both parties. The parties hereto have expressed agreed that this document and all related writings shall be drawn up in the English language. Customer shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend PowerSafe Rentals from all claims, actions and damages, including attorney’s fees, arising out of the Equipment and its use, rental, possession, operation, condition and return, including any such claims arising out of the theory of strict liability in tout, which obligations shall survive termination of this agreement

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

The following terms and conditions (collectively, the “Terms”) shall apply to any purchase of goods and/or services specified in the Purchase Order (the “Deliverables”) by PowerSafe, and their acceptance is an express condition of such purchase. Vendor shall be deemed to have full knowledge of the Terms and such Terms shall be binding if Vendor does not deliver to PowerSafe written objection to said Terms within five (5) days from the date hereof. Delivery by Vendor to PowerSafe of any other form or document containing different or additional terms and conditions shall not constitute a written objection to these Terms, and shall not be deemed to modify or supplement these Terms in any way unless specifically agreed in writing by PowerSafe.

If Vendor accepts the Purchase Order for the Deliverables, the Vendor or its duly authorized agent shall acknowledge, sign and return via email a scanned signed copy of the Purchase Order. Non-receipt by PowerSafe of the copy of the Order within five (5) working days, or starting to perform any obligations of this Purchase Order by Vendor, or shipment of the Goods by Vendor, whichever comes first, shall be deemed to be complete acceptance by the Vendor of the Order and all of its terms and conditions.

This Purchase Order, with any documents referred or attached to, is the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior negotiations, proposals and writings. Any references to Vendor’s quotation, bid or proposal expressly excludes any term, condition, or instruction contained in such document and any invoice, acknowledgment or other communication issued by Vendor in connection with this Purchase Order shall be for record and accounting purposes only.

In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the Terms herein and the terms and conditions contained in any acknowledgment or in any other form issued by Vendor, whether or not any such form has been acknowledged or accepted by PowerSafe, the Terms herein shall prevail. No waiver, alteration, revision or modification of the Terms shall be binding on either Party unless made in writing and signed by a duly authorized representative of PowerSafe and confirmed by an official Change Order to this Purchase Order.

No deviation from the item description, specifications, or any other requirements contained in the Purchase Order shall be made without the prior written authority of PowerSafe.
PowerSafe shall have the right at any time during the term of this Purchase Order to vary it in any way, including additions to or deletions from the quantities originally ordered by issuing a written notice to such effect. Unless specifically requested by PowerSafe, Vendor shall continue to execute the order as per Purchase Order. If such variation will, in the opinion of the Vendor, cause any variations in the price or time for performance or any other obligation of the Vendor, written notice thereof shall be submitted by the Vendor within five (5) working days after receiving such notice of variation from PowerSafe, failing which it shall be deemed that no such variations will be claimed by the Vendor.
If any such variation will cause a variation in the Price or Delivery Date or other obligations and Vendor has notified PowerSafe of such impact as required, Vendor shall not proceed with any such variation until written acceptance and duly signed Purchase Order amendment is received from PowerSafe confirming the adjustment in the Price and/or time for performance and/or any other obligations of the Vendor.
If the Vendor gives notice of a variation in Price or Delivery Date or other obligations, PowerSafe shall be entitled to confirm or withdraw the variation to the Order

Deliverables will be received and accepted at the point of delivery stipulated in the Order only in regards to the number and condition of packages and notwithstanding any receipt given, the Deliverables shall remain liable to rejection if not in accordance with the Order. Rejected Deliverables will be held at the risk and expense of Vendor.

Vendor warrants that the complete ownership of the Goods, free and clear of any and all liens, restrictions, reservations, security interests, and encumbrances, shall pass to PowerSafe upon the delivery.
The risk in the Goods shall pass to PowerSafe upon the delivery.
All tools, plans, drawings, information, equipment or materials of every description furnished to Vendor by PowerSafe or specifically paid for by PowerSafe, and any replacements thereof, shall be and remain the personal property of PowerSafe.
Such property while in Vendor’s custody or control shall be held at Vendor’s risk, shall be adequately marked, shall be kept insured by Vendor at Vendor’s expense in an amount equal to the replacement cost with loss payable to PowerSafe and shall be subject to removal at PowerSafe’s written request, in which event Vendor shall redeliver to PowerSafe in the same condition as originally received by Vendor, with reasonable wear and tear excepted. The Vendor shall provide PowerSafe with proof of such insurance upon PowerSafe’s request.
In the event of failure to meet the conditions, PowerSafe shall be entitled to the return of all monies thereto paid for by PowerSafe on account of this Purchase Order and in addition, PowerSafe may cancel this Purchase Order without liability and place it elsewhere and Vendor shall be liable for any and all expenses resulting from such failure.

Vendor must obtain at its own risk and expense any export license or other official authorization and carry out, where applicable, all custom formalities necessary for the export of Deliverables. Vendor shall be liable for freight charges or damage to Deliverables resulting directly from any failure by Vendor to comply with this provision. If Deliverables are deemed to be dangerous and/or hazardous, Vendor shall ensure all legally required documentation is prepared and submitted to the carrier prior to shipment with copy to PowerSafe. No transportation or delivery charges of any kind including packing, boxing, storage or cartage charges shall be paid by PowerSafe or reimbursed to Vendor unless specifically agreed to by PowerSafe in writing. All invoices, shipping documents and other writings pertaining to this Purchase Order shall refer to PowerSafe’s Purchase Order and/or contract number set out in its contents.

The Vendor shall adequately and securely pack all Goods in such a manner as to prevent loss or damage in transit. Special packing instructions may be contained in the Order. The PowerSafe shall have the right to reject any Goods damaged in transit and to recover from the Vendor any damages which PowerSafe has suffered arising from the Vendor failure to comply with the provisions of this clause.
Unless otherwise stated in the Order, the cost of packing materials, packing cases and other packing charges shall be deemed to be included in the Price, notwithstanding the specifics of the Incoterms 2010 being referenced. All packing cases and packing materials provided by the Vendor shall become the property of PowerSafe.

Vendor shall pay for damaged goods resulting from improper packing or marking and all goods received in excess of Purchase Order requirements may be returned, at Vendor’s expense, for full credit.

The equipment shall be properly tagged showing Vendor’s equipment identification numbers as well as PowerSafe’s Purchase Order Number and System Identification Number where specified. Unless otherwise detailed in the Purchase Order, all packing slips shall show the Purchase Order number and a description of the goods as described in the Purchase Order, together with Vendor’s equipment identification number for correlation thereto. As a minimum requirement, a copy of the packing slip must be affixed to the outside of the package and a copy of the packing slip must be included inside the package. Equipment received not in accordance with the above instructions may be subject to rejection. Upon shipment Vendor shall promptly notify PowerSafe in writing of the dispatch together with the routing information and anticipated time of receipt.

If Vendor’s deliveries are behind the agreed upon schedule, PowerSafe, upon giving advance written notice to Vendor may elect to arrange further deliveries by the means PowerSafe finds appropriate, and in such event, Vendor shall bear the difference in cost between express shipping and normal freight rates or between expedited ground and normal ground freight.

The goods listed in the Purchase Order will not be considered clear for delivery or pick-up until Vendor has submitted all applicable quality documentation and has been accepted by PowerSafe.

All Deliverables shall be subject to inspection, testing, expediting, and witnessing by PowerSafe and/or its representatives upon five (5) business days written notice to Vendor, to assess work quality, conformance with specifications, and conformance with all of Vendor’s representations, warranties and covenants herein. The Vendor shall provide PowerSafe with copies of all documents required for efficient expediting, including non-priced purchase orders if required and shall provide PowerSafe’s representative free access to relevant shop drawings.

No such verification shall relieve Vendor of its obligations and warranties hereunder. If any Deliverables or parts thereof are found at any time to be defective in material or workmanship or otherwise not in conformity with the requirements set out herein, in addition to any other rights which it may have under applicable warranties, or under law, PowerSafe, at its sole discretion, shall have the right to reject and return such Deliverables for either full credit or a refund (at PowerSafe’s discretion) at Vendor’s expense including payment of shipping charges incurred by PowerSafe. Without limiting the foregoing, PowerSafe, at its sole discretion, shall also have the right to require that Vendor promptly and at its own expense or to hire a third party at the Vendors expense to, repair, replace or restore any defective or deficient portion of Deliverables. Neither the failure of PowerSafe to inspect, nor acceptance of, nor payment for any Deliverables shall prejudice PowerSafe’s rights under this paragraph. Vendor’s records relating to the manufacture or provision of Deliverables shall be maintained for a minimum of six (6) years following delivery unless otherwise agreed in writing by PowerSafe.

Vendor shall comply with all laws and regulations, including without limitation, international, federal, provincial, state, municipal and local laws and codes, quality system standards and quality assurance requirements, privacy requirements, environmental standards and any additional technical codes, standards or norms which PowerSafe may specify in writing and as may be applicable to the production, sale, delivery and use of the goods or the furnishing of any labour or service called for by this Purchase Order.

The Purchase Order shall be subject to and interpreted in accordance with the Laws of Province of British Columbia, Canada.

Vendor shall not engage, actively or passively, nor directly or indirectly in any form of bribery, in any violation of basic human rights of employees or any child labour. Moreover, Vendor shall take responsibility for the health and safety of its employees. Vendor shall comply with all applicable state, federal, provincial and municipal laws, rules and regulations (including environmental laws) arising out of or connected with the performance of the Deliverables in the applicable jurisdiction(s) by Vendor, its employees, directors, officers or agents, including, as appropriate, obtaining and maintaining any required work permits or visas for a project. Vendor shall use reasonable efforts to promote this paragraph and the PowerSafe Code of Conduct among its sub-suppliers. Vendor explicitly undertakes and guarantees that neither it, nor its employees, or any other parties it commissions, will perform any unlawful acts or incite or aid and encourage third parties to perform such acts. Unlawful acts include offering, granting, requesting or accepting illegal payments, benefits or other advantages for oneself or a third party.

PowerSafe may provide a hardcopy or electronic copy of the PowerSafe Code of Conduct to Vendor against request. Vendor confirms that it has been made aware of the PowerSafe Code of Conduct. It undertakes to observe and comply with the principles stipulated in this Code of Conduct in its work. If Vendor engages third parties to fulfill duties, it undertakes to also issue this Code of Conduct and binds them to comply with it. If Vendor does not comply with the principles stipulated in this paragraph or the PowerSafe Code of Conduct, PowerSafe has the right to terminate the Purchase Order for cause.

Vendor warrants that Deliverables, during the warranty period provided in this section: (a.) are free from defects in design, materials and workmanship; (b.) conform with the specifications attached or contained in the Purchase Order and all documentation and information provided by PowerSafe for the Deliverables; (c.) are fit for their intended purpose as noted in the specifications; (d.) are new, unused (unless otherwise specified in this Purchase Order) and merchantable. The warranty term for Deliverables shall be for a minimum period of twelve (12) months, unless otherwise expressly negotiated and stated within the Purchase Order, from the date upon which the goods covered by this Purchase Order are put into commercial operation (against signing of Acceptance or Completion Certificate), or twenty four (24) months after their delivery (or date of readiness to ship), whichever occurs first.

Replacement parts for the equipment, and/or corrective works shall also be guaranteed for the subsequent period of twelve (12) months after the corrected item is placed in operation or eighteen (18) months after corrective work is complete, whichever is shorter. These guarantee terms shall be extended for any period that an item cannot be operated as a result of such discrepancies or defects. Vendor shall, at its own expense and option, repair or replace the whole or any part of the components thereof which may be found to be defective during said period.

To the extent services are to be provided hereunder, Vendor warrants that all work rendered shall be careful and proper and in full compliance with specifications and shall be in accordance with the best current practices in the industry, with the highest engineering or other applicable professional standards and meet all applicable standards, codes and/or regulations. The foregoing warranties shall survive any testing, inspection or acceptance by PowerSafe of Deliverables. The warranties set forth above shall not be subject to any disclaimer or exclusion of warranties or to any limitation of Vendor’s liability herein.


PowerSafe may, by written notice to Vendor, suspend further performance of all or any portion of this Purchase Order. The suspension notice shall specify the commencement date and estimated duration of the suspension.

Upon receiving a suspension notice, Vendor shall immediately suspend performance of the specified portion of the Purchase Order, and during the suspension period shall properly care for and protect all work in progress and materials, supplies, and equipment Vendor has on hand for performance of the Purchase Order.

Vendor shall use its best efforts to utilize its material, labour and equipment in such a manner as to mitigate costs associated with suspension.

PowerSafe may at any time withdraw the suspension as to all or part of the suspended performance by written notice to Vendor specifying the effective date and scope of the withdrawal, and Vendor shall, on the specified date of withdrawal, resume diligent performance of the work for which the suspension is withdrawn.

If Vendor believes that any such suspension or withdrawal of suspension justifies modification of the Purchase Order amount or time for performance, substantiated by documentation satisfactory to and verified by PowerSafe, Vendor shall notify PowerSafe within three (3) working days or earlier if reasonably possible. In such case, PowerSafe shall be entitled to confirm or withdraw the suspension. In case of confirmation from PowerSafe the Purchase Order amount or delivery date shall be modified based on mutual agreement between the parties.

In no event shall Vendor be entitled to any loss of prospective profits, contributions to overhead or any incidental, consequential or other damages due to such suspensions or withdrawals of suspension.


PowerSafe shall have the right to cancel for its convenience any or all unperformed part of this Purchase Order at any time by written notice to Vendor. On the cancellation date stated in the notice, Vendor shall discontinue all cancelled work, shall (with respect to the cancelled work) place no additional orders, and preserve and protect materials purchased for or committed to the cancelled work, work in progress, and completed goods, and shall dispose of these materials and goods in accordance with PowerSafe’s instructions.

PowerSafe will pay and Vendor will accept as final payment the total amount of Purchase Order prorated to the portion of the entire scope of Purchase Order satisfactorily performed to the date of cancellation (substantiated by documentation and verified by PowerSafe), disposition of work and material on hand, and amounts previously paid by PowerSafe. Vendor shall not be entitled to any loss of prospective profits, contribution to overhead or incidental, consequential or other damages due to such cancellation.


In the event that Vendor is in material default of any provision or requirement of this Purchase Order, or Vendor shall be sequestrated or liquidated as insolvent or placed under judicial management, whether provisionally or finally, or shall commit any act of insolvency or shall make, or prepare to make an arrangement or composition with, or assignment in favour of creditors, PowerSafe shall have the right, by written notice, to cancel the order, in whole or in part, without prejudice to any of its other rights.

In the event of such termination, PowerSafe may complete this Purchase Order by such means as PowerSafe selects, and Vendor shall pay PowerSafe for any additional costs incurred by PowerSafe in completing the Purchase Order. Vendor shall not be entitled to receive any further payment until the Purchase Order is completed. If the unpaid balance of the Purchase Order exceeds the cost (including compensation for additional engineering, managerial and administrative services expended by PowerSafe) such excess shall be paid to Vendor.


Vendor shall indemnify, release, defend and hold harmless PowerSafe, its affiliates and their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, consultants and subcontractors from and against any and all expenses, costs, claims, losses, actions, lawyer’s fees, damages, duties, taxes, penalties or liabilities (including without limitation special and consequential damages, and including the costs of replacing or recalling PowerSafe’s equipment which may be damaged or rendered defective by materials furnished or work done in breach of warranties), or any amounts incurred by or which may become payable by PowerSafe arising directly or indirectly (a.) out of any breach by Vendor of the Terms, or (b.) as a result of the provision by Vendor of incorrect information and/or documentation, or (c.) from any claims or actions arising from bodily injury (including injuries resulting in death) or loss of or damage to property of others which may result, directly or indirectly, from the negligent or wrongful acts of Vendor or its directors, officers, employees, agents or subcontractors relating to the performance of the Purchase Order or any Deliverables supplied hereunder.

Vendor warrants that PowerSafe and its customers may freely use, resell or otherwise deal with Deliverables without infringement of USA, Canadian or international patents, copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights, foreign or domestic, owned or controlled by any other corporation, firm or person, and held by Vendor or any third party.

Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless PowerSafe, its successors and assigns against any and all liabilities, claims, losses, damages, legal actions, royalties, attorney’s fees and any other expenses for defense purposes by reason of any claim, action or litigation arising from the alleged or actual infringement of any USA, Canadian or international patent, trademark, copyright, industrial design or other intellectual property right resulting from the purchase, manufacture and sale, use, or resale of Deliverables supplied by the Vendor under this Purchase Order. This provision shall not apply if any such claim relates to specifications or information furnished to the Vendor by the PowerSafe.

If Deliverables or any activity in connection therewith are held to be an infringement and their use is enjoined, Vendor shall promptly, at the option of PowerSafe, secure for PowerSafe the right to continue using or reselling Deliverables; replace Deliverables with non-infringing Deliverables; modify Deliverables such that they are no longer infringing; or, if unable to do any of the foregoing, remove the infringing Deliverables and indemnify PowerSafe for any direct or indirect losses, costs or damages resulting from such infringement.

Except for use in nuclear facilities, PowerSafe, its successor and assignee, may subject all goods to further manufacture, may combine them with other articles or sell, or put them for any use whatsoever, and no claims for royalties or additional compensation shall be made by the Vendor or anyone else by reason of such manufacture, combination sale or use. All unpatented ideas, information, designs, devices, prints, drawings and technical data concerning Vendor’s products, methods or manufacturing processes which Vendor discloses or furnishes to PowerSafe in connection with this Purchase Order shall, excepting only to the extent, as may otherwise be specifically agreed in writing between PowerSafe and Vendor, be deemed to have been disclosed or furnished as part of the consideration of this Purchase Order. Vendor agrees not to assert any claim by reason of PowerSafe’s use, duplication or disclosure thereof.

Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, all information including general business information, financial data, technical data, reports, photographs, electronic files, specifications, software, drawings, tools, dies, patterns, plans methods or other intellectual property (Information), supplied, conceived or prepared by Vendor or by PowerSafe or both in connection with the Purchase Order, shall be the property of PowerSafe, shall be considered confidential, shall not, at any time, be disclosed to a third party by Vendor without written consent of PowerSafe and shall be used solely for the purpose of supplying Deliverables. Upon termination of the Purchase Order, PowerSafe may request Vendor to deliver all the Information to PowerSafe and such Information shall not be utilized, directly or indirectly, by Vendor for the use or benefit of Vendor or any other person.

Prices herein specified shall, unless otherwise expressly stated, be fixed and in the currency stated on the Purchase Order, inclusive of export taxes and duties in the country of origin and all packaging and loading at Vendor’s facility, but exclusive of any federal or provincial taxes (GST/HST) which, if applicable, shall be shown as a separate line item on Vendor’s invoice. PowerSafe shall be entitled to set-off against any amounts owing to Vendor including amounts related to other unrelated Purchase Orders with PowerSafe, any amounts owing by Vendor hereunder.

The Vendor shall submit a separate invoice for each payment due in accordance with the payment terms stated in the Purchase Order. In case of a Change Order, a separate invoice detailing each Change Order shall be submitted. Vendors are to reference the Purchase Order Number and Change Order Number when issuing invoices for payment. Failure to do so may cause delay in payment in a timely manner as per the Purchase Order terms and conditions.

Invoices are to be emailed to PowerSafe, Buyer or Purchaser.

Vendor’s invoices will be paid in accordance with the payment terms included in the Purchase Order, provided that the Vendor fulfilled the specified conditions and that such invoice is accurate and complete and is accompanied by the required supporting documents. If invoices and/or supporting documents require correction, the time of payment will be calculated from the date of receipt of the corrected invoice and/or supporting documents.

Vendor will provide to PowerSafe, prior to shipment of Deliverables, information in writing necessary for a true, valid and complete customs declaration to be made by PowerSafe to the customs authorities in the country of destination of the goods. The written information must include, but not be limited to, the provision of data for the identification of country of origin, tariff classification, quantity, value of Deliverables and classification of Deliverables under any export control programs administered by the governments of the country of export.

In case the ultimate destination of the goods is Canada, the Vendor is requested to identify whether the origin of Deliverables is a country that is a beneficiary of a Preferential Tariff as set out in Canada’s Customs Tariff, or any successor thereto. If such would be the case, Vendor shall provide to PowerSafe certificates and other proof of origin of Deliverables, as required under Canadian Law for Deliverables to qualify for duty-free or preferential duty. If Deliverables being purchased are subject to USA re-export regulations or contains USA parts manufactured under a USA license, Vendor shall also state the ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) for each item. Due to NAFTA regulations, Vendor shall advise PowerSafe immediately of any change in its manufacturing and production processes, or in its sourcing practices, which could affect the validity of any information provided to PowerSafe. Vendor agrees to immediately notify PowerSafe of any investigation by CBSA and to fully participate and cooperate in any such review or audit by CBSA of the origin of Deliverables, including any appeals.

Prior to commencing any field services and continuing until the field services are completed, Vendor (in its name and at its sole expense) shall maintain broad form insurance policies with public bodies or insurance carriers authorized to do business in the state in which the services are to be performed and that are acceptable to PowerSafe, such insurance as will fully protect Vendor from and against any and all claims arising out of Vendor’s services, including coverage for contractual liability, bodily injury, product and completed operations liability and property damage with a minimum limit of CAD 2,000,000 (two million Canadian Dollars) or its equivalent per occurrence.

Upon request, Vendor shall provide PowerSafe with a certificate evidencing such insurance coverage, which shall state that thirty (30) days notice of cancellation or modification of the insurance coverage shall be given to PowerSafe.

Neither party hereto shall be liable to perform any obligation hereunder in the event and to the extent that such failure is caused by a condition of force majeure.
A condition of force majeure shall arise from any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the affected party including PowerSafe’s customer(s) and Vendor’s sub-contractor(s), which prevents or impedes the execution of the Purchase Order, limited to the following:

  • War, hostilities, or military mobilization.
  • Riot, insurrection, seizure by non-governmental groups, or civil disturbance.
  • Earthquake, flood, fire or other natural physical disaster.
  • Embargo, prohibition on import and exportation of materials or equipment or services.
  • Act of terrorism.
  • Epidemics.

The mere shortage of labour, materials or utilities, including the failure of any sub-supplier to deliver, shall not constitute force majeure unless caused by circumstances which are themselves force majeure events.
The party claiming force majeure shall immediately give notice in writing to the other party of the occurrence of any force majeure event which causes or is likely to cause any failure to perform any obligation hereunder. Such notice shall include the nature of the event, the expected duration and any anticipated impact on performance of the Order. Within five (5) working days after the cessation of the force majeure event, the affected party shall give a further notice specifying the final impact on the performance of the Order and a plan for recovery, including any cost impacts for such recovery plan. Failure to give either of the above notices may cause denial of any relief for the force majeure event, at the affected party’s discretion.
Should Vendor be unable, due to such a cause, to meet all of its delivery commitments for Deliverables ordered herein, Vendor shall not give preference to any other customer in making deliveries of such Deliverables.
In the event of a force majeure event or events causing a delay or foreseeable delay in excess of thirty (30) cumulative days in performance of the Order, PowerSafe reserves the right to terminate the Order as provided under Clause 16: Cancellation for Good Cause hereof.

Failure or delay by either party in enforcing any right or provision hereof shall not be deemed a waiver of such provision or right. A determination that any provision herein may be unenforceable or invalid shall not affect the enforceability or validity of the remaining provisions hereof.

No assignment of the Purchase Order, in whole or in part, or of monies due or to become due hereunder shall be made by the Vendor without prior written consent of PowerSafe. PowerSafe in its sole discretion may assign its rights hereunder to its affiliates or any third party.

If any provision of this Purchase Order, even after its termination, cancellation, completion, or expiration is held to be invalid, void or otherwise unenforceable, the remaining portions of that provision and all other provisions shall nevertheless continue in full force and effect and the parties shall thereafter come to mutual agreement regarding replacement of such unenforceable provision.

In no event shall PowerSafe or any of its affiliates be liable for loss of Vendor profits, loss of goodwill, loss of expected savings or expected profits, business interruption, lost business, lost profits or indirect, special, consequential, incidental, punitive or exemplary losses, damages or expenses incurred or suffered arising out of these terms or the Purchase Order.
For any claim related to these Terms or the Purchase Order, Vendor shall be entitled to recover actual and direct damages only from PowerSafe. The limit of PowerSafe Corporation’s liability to the Vendor in any manner related to these Terms or the Purchase Order, for any and all claims, shall not in the aggregate exceed the value of the Purchase Order issued in relation to these Terms.
The limitations, exclusions and disclaimers set out in this paragraph shall apply irrespective of the nature of the cause of action, demand or claim, including but not limited to, breach of contract, tort (including negligence) or any other legal theory and shall survive termination of these Terms, a fundamental breach or breaches and/or failure of the essential purpose of these Terms or any remedy contained herein. The allocations of liability in this paragraph represent the agreed and bargained for understanding of the parties.

The Purchase Order shall be governed by, construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein.

The parties herein are two independent entities. Vendor is engaged as an independent contractor solely for the purpose of providing the Deliverables. Vendor is solely responsible for all losses and expenses prudent to performing its obligations hereunder.

All notices given hereunder shall be in writing and may be sent by registered mail, courier, facsimile or by electronic mail transmission if also sent by regular or registered mail, and addressed to the receiving party at the address set out in the Purchase Order or as subsequently agreed between the parties. Notices shall be deemed to be given when received by the other party.

Powersafe Terms and Conditions of Quote/Sale

PowerSafe Energy is an equipment supplier only. We are committed to supply the equipment and materials expressly detailed in our quotations and or our invoices. Unless expressly included in the quotation, additional labour, materials required for installation, startup & commissioning are outside of the scope of supply for this transaction. Proper & safe installation of the above-mentioned equipment is the responsibility of the customer & should comply with PowerSafe Energy & The Manufacturers. installation & application guidelines (where applicable).

These terms and conditions form and become part of the original quote and agreement between PowerSafe Energy and the Purchaser.

  1. All prices quoted exclude GST, sales taxes and other applicable taxes, insurance, licensing, delivery, maintenance, installation, and other collateral charges unless expressly stated otherwise and are the responsibilities of the Purchaser. We reserve the right to charge any additional customs duty or tariffs that may be imposed.
  2. Upon issuing a purchase order to accept this quote, the purchaser accepts all of the provisions of the quote including these terms and conditions unless exceptions are clearly and specifically noted in writing at the time the purchase order is issued. Where there is an inconsistency between any terms and conditions stipulated in any other agreement or documentation between the parties and these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions shall prevail except only to the extent expressly overridden.
  3. This proposal is open for acceptance for 30 days from the date of quotation, unless otherwise stated, and is subject to confirmation at time of order.
  4. All applicable licensing and other regulatory approvals are the responsibility of the Purchaser.
  5. This quotation is quoted in Canadian Dollars at the prices noted above using a Canadian/ US currency exchange rate equal to Bank of Canada. If accepted and an offer to purchase is tendered to PowerSafe Energy, the final price is subject to adjustment (and the purchaser is deemed to accept such adjustment) based on the exchange rate utilized by PowerSafe Energy at time of order. Quotation in other currencies will be stated in the quotation where applicable.
  6. All quotes are subject to current credit approval. lf credit is given all invoices are due and payable net 30 days from date of invoice or as negotiated and are payable without set off. In the event that hold backs are negotiated as part of the contract, the total amount of GST and PST will be due with first invoice. Nothing in this quote or in any subsequent contract or other dealings between the parties obliges PowerSafe Energy to supply or continue to supply goods where PowerSafe Energy determines in its discretion that the Purchaser’s credit situation is or has become insecure. The Purchaser agrees to immediately notify PowerSafe Energy of any material change in the Purchaser’s financial condition or credit worthiness.
  7. All prices are quoted Ex Works our location unless otherwise stated. Delivery to site, if included, is based on our choice of carrier and routing. If delivery to site is included, it is for one shipment only. Other lncoterms may be negotiated to suit.
  8. Delivery times are estimates based on current availability and PowerSafe Energy’s sole obligation is to use reasonable efforts to achieve delivery within such times and such times cannot be guaranteed. They are based on the settlement of all commercial and technical matters pertaining to the order and are subject to revision.
  9. Title for any and all equipment quoted remains with the seller until the goods have been paid for in full, regardless of time or equipment location. The risk of damage or loss to the goods, even if title has not passed, passes to the Purchaser upon shipment from PowerSafe Energy premises regardless of the carrier.
  10. Without limitation to Item 11 below, PowerSafe Energy liability to the Purchaser shall in any event and for any cause be limited to the price of goods and services supplied. Without limitation to the foregoing, PowerSafe Energy shall not in any event be liable to the Purchaser for any consequential damages or third-party liabilities. Manufacturer’s warranties relating to parts and other goods included in the goods supplied by PowerSafe Energy are the warranties of the manufacturer and not of PowerSafe Energy. PowerSafe Energy does not assume responsibility for unauthorized work or repairs performed by others.
  11. PowerSafe Energy makes no warranties or promises with respect to the goods sold and supplied or services rendered, or advice given, if any, beyond those contained in the invoices or other forms of written warranties supplied at the time of delivery or rendering of services. Any and all other promises, warranties or liabilities including any implied by law, conduct, circumstances, or by the nature of the goods or services supplied, or otherwise are hereby expressly disclaimed.
  12. Any advice provided to the Purchaser by PowerSafe Energy in connection with the goods or services provided (except to the express extent that the same are part of the agreed services provided) is entirely gratuitous and without any resulting liability or obligation for errors or insufficiencies or other cause whatsoever, or upon any grounds whatsoever, including tort.
  13. Goods returned for credit, Warranty adjustment or other purposes must be covered by specific arrangements to ensure proper handling. Goods being returned require our prior authorization and must be identified with our returned goods authorization. All shipping charges on returned goods must be pre*paid by the Purchaser. Restocking charges may apply.
  14. In the event that load bank testing at site is included in our offer, this includes 100 ft. of cable with the interconnection performed by others and is based on placing the load bank at grade, outdoors. Charges for other testing arrangements may apply.
  15. Unless specifically indicated, our offer does not include fuel or oil; fuel, water or exhaust piping; ventilation system components: offloading; installation of units or loose accessories, etc. or any other parts, supplies or other items not specifically described in the specifications of the quote even if necessary for proper functioning. Special testing, packaging, additional instructional literature, parts, provisioning lists or prints are not included, and prices will be quoted separately.
  16. Any purchase order submitted by the Purchaser resulting from this proposal shall become a binding contract only after PowerSafe Energy formally accepts said purchase order in writing. Any modification of an accepted purchase order must be mutually agreed upon in writing. Subject to the terms of specific written agreements between PowerSafe Energy and the purchaser, PowerSafe Energy reserves the right to adjust prices as it deems fair and appropriate (acting reasonably) for modifications, alterations or changes authorized or ordered by the Purchaser. PowerSafe Energy will not be responsible for any services claimed to be rendered on its behalf, unless said services were authorized in advance in writing by PowerSafe Energy. PowerSafe Energy will not be responsible for any delays caused by waiting to receive purchase order changes in writing.
  17. PowerSafe Energy shall not be liable for any losses or delays occasioned by strikes, accidents, acts of nature, acts of God, or any other event or happening beyond PowerSafe Energy’s control.
  18. If the Purchaser orders goods to be held by PowerSafe Energy beyond the normal shipment date, such material shall be held at the risk and expense of the Purchaser and PowerSafe Energy reserves the right to cancel such order at any time. Payment of the full contract price will be due and payable on the date the product is ready to ship. If at any time during manufacture or prior to shipment, PowerSafe Energy determines that the financial condition of the Purchaser is such that PowerSafe Energy does not reasonably feel secure in the continued manufacture or the shipment of the merchandise on the credit terms previously agreed upon, then PowerSafe Energy may require full or partial payment before completing manufacture or in advance of shipment.
  19. PowerSafe Energy has no obligations that are not expressed in these terms and conditions and no other obligations shall be implied.
  20. Cancellation charges will apply to any order that is cancelled. The amount of the cancellation charge will be determined by PowerSafe Energy based on the type of equipment and any charges accrued for the order. All cancellations must be received in writing.

Powersafe Terms and Conditions of Service Sales

1. Contract Terms
All contracts for the sale of goods and services concluded between PowerSafe Energy Services Inc. (herein after called POWERSAFE ENERGY) and the purchaser are subject to the following terms and conditions. Any variation of the terms and conditions herein contained will require written consent of POWERSAFE ENERGY signed by its duly authorized representative.

2. Prices
Unless otherwise stated, prices quoted are valid for acceptance for a period of 30 days from issue date. Should the decision to accept our offer be
delayed to a later date, we would be pleased to either confirm our offer or reissue new pricing. Unless otherwise stated, prices do not include the arrangement and cost of a utility shutdown. The shutdown arrangements with the utility will normally be performed by POWERSAFE ENERGY and paid for by the purchaser at the utility cost + 20%.

Unless otherwise stated, prices are FOB our shop. Shipping charges are extra if applicable. If your company does not have established credit terms sufficient to cover this purchase, payment in advance and/or a credit application will be requested.

3. Taxes
Prices quoted do not include taxes.

4. Terms of Payment
Terms are net 30 days from date of invoice. Late payments will be subject to interest charges at the rate of two (2%) per month.

5. Delivery
Delivery dates quoted are subject to confirmation at the time of order award. All confirmed dates are based on the prompt receipt by POWERSAFE ENERGY of all necessary information enabling work to proceed without interruption. Delays or changes in dates initiated by the purchaser may be cause for additional charges.

6. Force Majeure
POWERSAFE ENERGY will not be liable for any non-performance of a contract if such delay or non-performance is due to any cause beyond reasonable control of POWERSAFE ENERGY and/or which POWERSAFE ENERGY could not reasonably foresee and/or reasonably provide against and which prevents POWERSAFE ENERGY from carrying out the terms of the job. This includes but is not limited to the following: war, revolution, insurrection, or hostilities (whether declared or not), riot, civil commotion, or uprising, flood, earthquake, tempest, hurricane, lightning or other natural disaster; fire or explosion; strike, lockout or other industrial disturbance whether at POWERSAFE ENERGY or one of its suppliers; sabotage, accident, embargo, car shortage, wrecks or delays in transportation, non-delivery of materials or order or action
of government authority. Any delay resulting from such cause shall extend the date of delivery accordingly. POWERSAFE ENERGY reserves the right to cancel the contract, if in its opinion such circumstances threaten or cause extended delay in the performance thereof.

7. Cancellation
Purchase orders placed by the purchaser and accepted by POWERSAFE ENERGY may be cancelled only with the consent of POWERSAFE ENERGY. A cancellation charge may be payable by the purchaser to cover costs, including design and engineering, materials purchased and production costs incurred to the maximum of 100% of the selling price. In the event the purchaser cancels any order for goods or services less than seven (7) days prior to the scheduled date for goods or services to be delivered, the purchaser will incur a minimum 25% cancellation/re-scheduling charge.

8. Liability
POWERSAFE ENERGY shall not be liable for any damages arising from the use of the goods supplied hereunder, or for any special, indirect for consequential damages arising from delays, however caused through non-delivery, or through defects in materials or workmanship from any other cause whatsoever. No claim of any kind whether as to a product delivery or for non-delivery of a product, shall be greater in amount than the purchase price of the product in respect of with the claim is made.

9. Warranty
POWERSAFE ENERGY warrants the goods and services described herein, of its own assembly or manufacture against defects in material or workmanship arising under normal use and service for a period of one year from the date of shipment or completion of the work. The obligation of POWERSAFE ENERGY under the warranty is limited to the replacement or repair without charge FOB the purchasers site provided that the purchaser will give POWERSAFE ENERGY written notice of the defect immediately after the defect has come to the purchaser’s attention.
POWERSAFE ENERGY shall not be responsible for defects in material or workmanship of, or work done, goods furnished or repairs made by third parties.

These conditions shall supersede all warranties and conditions whether legal, conventional or implied, and POWERSAFE ENERGY assumes no responsibility for any excess warranty additional hereto, unless in writing and signed by an authorized officer of POWERSAFE ENERGY .
These terms and conditions will not relieve any manufacturers from their written or implied warranties with respect to their equipment supplied under this order.

10. Loss or Damages of Goods in Transit
Delivery of goods by POWERSAFE ENERGY will be deemed to be made to the purchaser upon obtaining a signed receipt from the carrier showing receipt of the goods in good order. Title of goods will remain with POWERSAFE ENERGY until payment in full is made by the purchaser and all risk for safekeeping and condition of the goods will become the responsibility of the purchaser upon deemed delivery.

11. Safety
Site and working conditions must meet conditions as laid out in the applicable Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

If applicable, the purchaser must provide upon request to POWERSAFE ENERGY personnel copies of appropriate WHIMIS manuals and floor plans indicating areas where hazardous material and chemicals are located, and emergency exits for service rooms and other areas of operation.
No POWERSAFE ENERGY employee is required to work on equipment which has not, in his or her sole opinion, been placed in an electrically safe state for the work to be performed. However, recognizing the fact that it is sometimes necessary to work on live equipment, the safety procedure, working conditions and required number of staff shall be subject to POWERSAFE ENERGY approval and work will be performed to POWERSAFE ENERGY safety policies and procedures.

12. Governing Law
The terms, provisions and conditions hereof and all matters arising out of the executions, construction, interpretations or breach thereof, are to be
governed by the laws of British Columbia, Canada. POWERSAFE ENERGY agrees to bring any actions claims or legal proceedings in any way pertaining to this order, or the executions, construction, interpretation or breach thereof in the courts of the jurisdiction specified above and in no other court or tribunal whatsoever.

13. Dangerous Goods
POWERSAFE ENERGY will not knowingly receive environmentally sensitive materials without first making arrangements with the client to pay for the correct and lawful disposal of such materials. Should POWERSAFE ENERGY inadvertently come into possession of such materials they will at the discretion of the client (i) arrange for COD shipping back to client’s facility or location of choice or (ii) arrange for disposal of materials as required by law and bill for services and disbursements

14. Asbestos
Buyer shall identify the presence, location and quantity of asbestos containing material (hereinafter “ACM”) at work sites. Seller will not abate ACM.

Accordingly, for any contract which includes the provision of Services, prior to commencement of work at any site, the Buyer will certify if the work area associated with the Seller’s scope of work includes the handling of any ACM, including but not limited to generator wedges and high temperature gaskets which include asbestos materials. The Buyer shall, at its expense, conduct abatement should the removal, handling, modification or reinstallation of said ACM be likely to generate airborne asbestos fibers. Should such abatement affect the cost of or time of performance of the Services, Seller shall be entitled to an equitable adjustment in the schedule, price and other pertinent affected provisions of the contract.

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