150kW 120-208V Cummins C150N6 Generators

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SKU: 759


Hours: 0
Condition: New
Make: Cummins
Model: C150N6
kW: 150
Rating: Standby
Voltage: 120-208V
Fuel: Natural Gas
Make Year: 2022


One Brand New Cummins Model C150N6 150kW , 60Hz, Standby, Natural Gas/Propane Genset, NFPA 110 Type 10 Level 1 Capable, CSA 149B Compliant, Control Mounting-Left Facing_x000D_, PowerCommand 2.3 Controller, Gauge-Oil Pressure_x000D_, Warning-Low Fuel Gas Pressure_x000D_, Stop Switch-Emergency_x000D_, Relays-uxiliary, Qty 2, 25A-15V DC/10A-30V DC_x000D_, Control Display Language-English_x000D_, IBC Seismic Certification OSHPD Seismic Certification, Load Connection-Single_x000D_, Circuit Breaker, Location A, 200A-600A, 3P, LSI, 600 Volts AC, 100%, UL_x000D_, Circuit Breaker or Terminal Box (Position B)-None_x000D_, Circuit Breaker or Terminal Box (Position C)-None_x000D_, Bottom Entry, Right, Engine Governor-Electronic, Isochronous_x000D_, Single Gas Fuel-NG or LP Vapor_x000D_, Engine Starter-12 Volt DC Motor_x000D_, Engine Air Cleaner-Normal Duty_x000D_ , Battery Charging Alternator, Battery Charger-6 Amp, Regulated_x000D_, Engine Cooling-Radiator, High Ambient Air Temperature, Ship Fitted_x000D_, Shutdown-Low Coolant Level_x000D_, Extension-Coolant Drain_x000D_ , Engine Coolant-50% Antifreeze, 50% Water Mixture_x000D_, Exciter/Reg-Torque Match_x000D_ , Coolant Heater, Extreme Cold Ambient, Voltage-120/208, 3 Phase, Wye, 4 Wire_x000D_, Engine Oil Heater-120 Volts AC, Single Phase_x000D_, Engine Oil, Genset Warranty-2 Years Base_x000D_, Alternator-60Hz, 12L, 208/120V, 120C, 40C Ambient_x000D_, Literature-English_x000D_ , Packing-Skid, Poly Bag_x000D_, Extension-Oil Drain_x000D_, Battery Rack, Aluminum Sound Attenuated Level 1 Enclosure, with Exhaust System, Enclosure Color-Green, Aluminum_x000D_ Enclosure-Wind Load 180 MPH, ASCE7-10_x000D_, Skidbase-Housing Ready, Accessories (Shipped Loose and Installed by Other): Lock Plate-Removable H/J/L/D Frame, CB Square D 0406-1234_x000D_ Alarm Installation Kit-Audible, Engine Shutdown A043F059_x000D_ Circuit Breaker Installation-12VDC Shunt Trip A043X760_x000D_ Circuit Breaker Installation-1SPDT, Auxiliary Contacts A043X785