Battery Bank Testing

Battery banks require preventive maintenance (PM) on a periodic basis to optimize their performance and life, and also to comply with manufacture warranties and other regulatory requirements. PowerSafe provides this service utilizing specialized battery testing tools and established safety procedures to perform the inspections that determine the condition of standby battery systems.

Load testing is a performance test that determines the health of a battery bank by applying a resistive load to discharge the battery banks stored energy. The rate of discharge is measured and compared to the manufactures specifications to determine if the battery bank performs as expected. PowerSafe performs load tests based on battery manufacture and IEEE guidelines, this test will help to identify faulty or weak battery cells that are candidates for replacement before they compromise the entire battery bank.

Battery chargers play a key role in ensuring batteries stay charged and provide a long service life. PowerSafe configures, tests and commissions battery chargers to owner and manufacture requirements, as well as performing preventive maintenance on the equipment.

Commissioning testing verifies factory specification proper operation

Testing for:

  • Cell float voltage
  • Internal DC cell resistance
  • Intercell connection resistance
  • Load testing for verify battery capacity

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