Power System Commissioning and Start up

PowerSafe performs independent third-party commissioning and acceptance testing on electrical equipment installations including MV Substations, LV distribution, Transformers (Dry and Liquid Filled).
Testing and Commissioning ensures that the equipment is supplied and installed consistent with specifications and confirms the equipment is in proper reliable condition for operation.

Medium Voltage (MV) 2.4kV to 35kV
Low Voltage (LV) less than 750V.

Commissioning and acceptance testing activities include: (but are not limited to)

  • Indoor and outdoor testing
  • Disconnects
  • Circuit breakers
  • Current transformers and voltage transformers
  • Power Transformers
  • HV and LV switchboards
  • Protective Relays programming and secondary injection
  • Cables
  • Battery banks
  • Infrared scanning
  • Soil Resistivity tests
  • Ground grid testing by fall of potential method
  • Step and Touch calculation
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT),
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) services,

PowerSafe provides commissioning services to NETA standards with detailed reports provided.

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