Arc Flash Studies

Arc flash is a serious hazard with potentially devastating effects. Ensuring worker safety and meeting the challenges of the arc flash safety requirements can be a difficult task. PowerSafe delivers complete solutions for arc flash compliance. PowerSafe provides complete services from on-site data collection to hazard analysis, labelling to personal protective equipment. PowerSafe helps reduce your risk by providing safety programs and ensuring regulatory compliance. Whether you require a complete program or short-term assistance with arc flash calculations, PowerSafe is able to provide a solution to fit your needs.

Data collection

On-site, the electrical data necessary to prepare an arc-flash hazard analysis. Data is collected on the electrical system, from the electric utility service point through the electrical system to the equipment where the arc-flash hazard risk is located.

Engineering Analysis

The data collected (or provided by the facility) is analyzed utilizing specific software to perform: short circuit analysis, protective device coordination, arc flash.

Report and Labels

The engineering analysis results are then prepared into a detailed report and Warning labels are provided for all electrical equipment evaluated.

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