MET Printers was in the process of renovating and designing an existing purpose built printing facility in Vancouver, BC which required an electrical upgrade from 500kVA to 1500kVA. With the existing space restrictions, the client would have had to give up a large portion of the printing floor to install the new 1500kVA unit sub, however once the PST MINISUB solution was introduced by PowerSafe, installation could take place in an existing alcove originally designed to house a 500kVA unit substation. Our product offering was able to offer savings to the client as well as a significant amount of real estate, installation and cabling costs .

PowerSafe Supplied Power Systems Technology (PST), BC-Hydro accepted, Service Entrance 1500kVA Unit Substation (MINISUB). As the exclusive manufacturers representative for Power Systems Technology (PST) in British Columbia, PowerSafe supplied a 1500kVA dead-front unit substation compliant to BC-Hydro’s primary guide. The MINISUB being one of three BC Hydro accepted dead front unit substation suppliers. The MINISUB is a compact unit substation package, the 1500kVA MINISUB with the smallest footprint in the industry, was installed in an alcove designed for a 500kVA traditional unit substation.